MacDonald acquires the Turkey Point Hotel

APRIL 11, 2019.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: After being owned and operated by Dick and Mabel Assel since 1961, The MacDonald family has acquired the Turkey Point Hotel.

"We are excited to buy a renowned business that has a great reputation and to continue the legacy. Congratulations to Dick and Mabel on their retirement." expressed Danny MacDonald. "Shortly we'll be announcing an exciting collaboration with an established local restaurateur."

"We are looking to preserve the traditions that make the hotel, the hotel. The last thing we wanted was a developer to sneak in, buy this and then turn it into condos. The hotel is important for this town." said Josh MacDonald.

The Turkey Point Hotel will be run as normal this summer - open 7 days a week as a restaurant, turning into a karaoke bar on Friday nights and a night club on Saturday nights.

"If the liquor license comes through May 1st, we'll be open May 2nd" said the new operator, to be announced.

It's been a busy winter in Turkey Point. Not only has the hotel changed hands but also with Nelly Bauer stepping down from the LCBO and her plaza, Turkey Point will be full of new friendly faces this summer.

There are 35 positions to fill. Information on available positions and how to apply will be provided in the coming days. Be sure to follow the MacDonald Turkey Point Marina and Turkey Point Hotel social media pages for updates. Alternatively, you can also check back here at the marina blog.

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  1. Congratulations Danny. I look forward to a lunch on the deck this Summer..
  2. So happy and relieved to hear this news! Loved coming in for a snack after kayaking on the lake for a couple of hours!! Too much history here to see it disappear! Wishing you all the best of luck in this endeavour and you will see me soon!! Mike
  3. Congratulations. This is fantastic news. Wishing you much success!
  4. Congratulations to Danny and Treasa and family I like to have a chance Danny to sit and chat to you in regards to any position that you may have up and coming at the Turkey point hotel. Back when Treasa had the restaurant I worked for her. Once again congratulations.
  5. It is good news that the hotel is not going to big developers. It will be interesting to watch what the plans will be in the future for the Hotel. The building has been around for many moons and is needing someone, Like Danny MacDonald to make big improvements, he and his staff has done wonders with the marina during our 20+ years. Great management will be the key to success. Be seeing you all soon.

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