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A used boat dealer in Ontario

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is located in Turkey Point, Ontario and if you live in London, Ontario, travel time is about an hour and a half.  Just take Highway 401 East to HWY 19 South.  When you reach Ostrander, turn East off of HWY 19 onto County Road 19 (Ostrander Road) and continue until you reach Springford where you will turn South onto County Road 13 (Rock Mills Road.)  Follow this road until you reach HWY 3 where you will turn East and drive for approximately 20 minutes, passing through Delhi on the way.  About 5 km outside of Delhi, turn South onto County Road 10 - Turkey Point Road.  You will drive through Walsh and Walsh Station before you reach HWY 24.  Cross HWY 24 and continue into Turkey Point where you will see the beach in front of you.  Turn right onto Cedar Drive and follow to a four way stop at Reserve Street.  Turn right and you'll come to a t-junction at Clubhouse Road.  Turn left and follow around the bends in the road until you come to the Marina on the left.

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is a place where you can purchase used boats and save thousands of dollars. While many people are afraid of investing in a second hand boat for many valid reasons, purchasing from this dealing place is a very secure option.

  • You save money
    • It's no secret that a used boat will cost less than a new boat of the same model.
    • Travelling outside the city will instantly lower the price.
    • Making your purchase from MacDonald Turkey Point will give you the advantage of saving thousands of dollars.  When was saving money a bad thing?
  • You get the same performance
    • When you purchase from MacDonald Turkey Point, you get the same performance as a new boat.
    • Think about it in another way – if you were to purchase a lower and much less competent model at the same price at which a used boat with many more powerful features was available, which way would you go?
    • Add to MacDonald Turkey Point Marina's reputation and you will be assured that the performance levels will be more than just satisfactory.
  • The service is customer centric
    • The best part about purchasing from MacDonald Turkey point is that the services are very customer oriented.
    • The boat dealer and owner of the business, Danny MacDonald, is known for the individual attention he gives to every customer.
    • You will be personally taken on test drive and the many features of the boat you purchased will be explained to you.
    • Also, the dealership offers a variety of services for your purchased boat such as accessories, parts, detailing, maintenance, dockage, transportation, and much more!
  • Over 25 years experience
    • The company has been in existence for over 25 years and it is a known fact that to stay in business for such a long time, you need to offer services that scream quality!

Check out our used boat inventory online and take a drive from London.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call.  We just might be able to find you the boat that you're looking for!