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Burlington dwellers who want to come to MacDonald Turkey Point Marina have to drive for only one and a half hour to make it. Additionally, there are no toll booths to worry about. All you need to do is get on to Maple Avenue and follow ON – 403 W so you get on the ON – 6 S exit. Follow on this route till you find the turn which leads to Norfolk 3. Follow the route and turn left on Norfolk County Highway number 24. Take a left to Turkey Point Road and you will be at your destination.

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is the largest freshwater marina in the entirety of Canada and there is a reason why it is so popular. The marina has been in business for 25 years and its commendable services and impressive boat inventory is to thank. It is the work of the members of our staff who work hard and smart to make sure every customer feels special.

As soon as you reach the marina, our staff comes out to greet you and welcome you to our establishment. Then, you can simply inquire about the type of boat you are looking for, any specific model you have in mind, etc. You will be introduced to a variety of boats and related models as well, in case you find some features in the alternatives better.

If you are not sure about purchasing a used boat and think it is risky and not a good decision, you can stop thinking in that direction right now. First of all, not all used boats have been used till they are rotten. Some owners sell their vehicle in quite an all right condition. Used boats at our boat inventory will not disappoint you as each one of them is thoroughly inspected before being added to the inventory. The experienced staff makes sure that none of the boats has any irreparable damages and then improves it so it can be used by a customer, as though it was a brand new one. Also, one can save thousands of dollars by simply not going for a brand new model.

Moreover, Danny MacDonald, the owner of the dockage, will take you on a test drive  for every boat you choose to buy. Danny is a very experienced man who has driven numerous boats and knows everything about them. Therefore, his insight and input will always be helpful. You can also be confident that under his supervision, you will not find a poor quality product in the boat inventory. The test drive will allow you to check for many features on your own and ask questions which you deem important.

Once you purchase a boat, our staff will prolong your pleasant experience by offering you several other services such as transportation, maintenance etc.

Before you drive from Burlington, make sure you check out our online boat inventory and even consider ordering a used boat online!


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