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MacDonald Turkey Point Marina, the largest marina in Canada, is one and a half hour drive away from Guelph. The way is simple and there are no tolls to worry about. The traffic is usually moderate on this way which makes it easy for you to reach your destination quick. Drive from County Road 124 and get on to Waterloo Regional Road 24. You will reach a roundabout as you continue on this road at which you should take the second exit and stay on Waterloo Regional Road 24. Merge on to the ON – 401 W using a slip road which leads to London. Take the Waterloo Regional Road 97 and get on to the Waterloo Regional Road 58. Get on to the Brant County Highway 2 and turn so you are on Brant County Road 4. Continue on this road till you find the turn which will put you on Regional Road 44. Turn left on to ON – 3 E and turn right so you are on Turkey Point Road. You have now arrived at Turkey Point! The popularity of our marina makes it very easy for you to find your way. You can ask anyone around you and they would probably be able to guide you to the marina.

When it comes to purchasing used boats, there are certain advantages as well as some risks associated with it. The advantage is that you save thousands of dollars by not spending them on a brand new model. However, most people run into the risk of buying a boat which does not perform very well. With MacDonald Turkey Point Marina, you don't have to worry about any such risk.

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina has been in business for 25 years and is known for its high quality boats and updated inventory. So, damaged boats just don't make it to the boat inventory. The whole business is supervised by the dockage owner, Danny MacDonald, who in his long career has driven over a thousand boats. This experience has blessed him with a lot of practical knowledge on boats – both used and new. He also has a keen eye and always checks a boat for its quality before letting it make it to the inventory.

When you come to our marina to purchase a boat, you will be personally be taken by Danny for a test drive in which he will demonstrate the various capabilities of your purchase. This will add to your experience and let you analyze the boat at a much closer level. The drive will definitely aid you in making a decision.

If you don't want to drive all the way from Guelph to Turkey Point, you can view our boat inventory online. It is also possible to order a used boat online if you trust in the quality of our marina and don't feel the need to test drive.

Our inventory of boats for sale can be found here!