Cambridge Boat Dealer

For Cambridge dwellers who want to reach the largest freshwater marina in Canada, that is, MacDonald Turkey Point Marina, it will take you a little over one hour long drive. The way is simple and quite straightforward. First, you need to get on the Colborne Street and head towards West so you reach Water Street. From here, continue on to ON – 24 S and stay on it for about 17 kilometers. Turn right on to Powerline Road and follow for 5 kilometers. Get on ON – 24  S which goes towards London. While on ON – 24, go towards exit number 27 and get on to Rest Acres Road S which goes towards Simcoe. Follow signs so you can get to Delhi. Pass through Walsh and get on the Turkey Point Road. You will now have reached your destination! As the largest freshwater marina in Canada, MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is a well known place and one can easily ask around and reach us in no time.

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina has been in business for a period of 25 years and do you know why? Because we are great at what we do! Times have given rise to more competition but despite that, our business has only grown. The services which we provide to our customers have always been satisfactory for and they have written some highly positive testimonials for them. Our customers have also gone on to suggest their services to their friends which has also facilitated our growth as a marina.

We have the best collection of used boats which is always up to date. We import boats from all over the world. Many of our boats are imported from North America and whenever we find a particular model of interest is missing, we import it. Not only are we good at importing, we have also sold our boats to outside of Canada many times. Our used boats have been purchased by customers in as far as Kuwait and middle east!

In the end, it all boils down to the customer centric nature of our services. As soon as you reach the marina, our super friendly and efficient sales staff greets you. They then proceed to look for a boat that matches your requirements. You are then taken on a test drive by the dealership owner, Danny MacDonald, who is an experienced fellow with a long and strong career. After you have decided and purchased a boat, we also offer you several additional services for your new vehicle such as storage, dockage, and many more.

It is highly recommended that you view our online boat inventory before you drive down to Turkey Point. This will enable you to make a more informed choice and you can get a general idea of what our selection of boats consists of without having to drive for an hour. If you wish to, you can also order a used boat from your home and we will deliver it to you.

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