Waterloo Boat Dealer

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is located in Turkey Point and is the largest freshwater marina in the country. Not so far from Waterloo, it takes one and a half hour to reach Turkey Point by road. The way is not very difficult and thanks to the popularity of the marina, many people can guide you. To get to your destination, you first need to get on to William Street E and turn so you are on Waterloo Regional Road 50. Get on Waterloo Regional Road 55 and take the second exit so you are on Waterloo Regional Road 70. Follow directions to Bishopgate Road and stay on it till you find a turn which gets you on Brant County Road. Continue on to Brantford Road and turn left on to Church Street E. Get on Fertilizer Road and turn left so you are on ON – 3 E. Turn right on to Turkey Point Road which will then lead you to your destination.

We have been successfully in business for 25 long years and have almost always received great responses from our customers who generously recommend our services to their friends. There is a reason why our business has only grown despite the competition. These reasons can be listed as follows:

  • Our inventory is always changing
    • The popularity of our dealership can be attributed to our updated inventory. We are always importing new boats and keeping it up to date at all times.
    • We have imported boats from all over North America and can do it from all over the world.
    • The chances of you finding a boat which suits your needs is quite high if you choose our boat inventory.
  • Our services are very customer centric
    • We offer highly customer centric services which keep your needs at the top. Whatever you want will be given the highest priority.
    • You will be taken on a test drive by dealership owner, Danny MacDonald, who has years of experience when it comes to boats.
    • Our super friendly staff will work towards your goals and help you find the best boat.
  • We don't just offer services during your purchase
    • If you think that we will stop making it the best buying experience for you once you are done purchasing a used boat from us, you are wrong. We will continue to offer you several services regarding your new vehicle.
    • We will services such as dockage, storage, new parts for your boat, servicing, winterization, and many more.
    • You can also state what services you exactly want and we will make those available for you.

If you don't want to drive for a hour and a half from Waterloo just to view our boat inventory, you can check out our online boat inventory. You can also order a used boat online if you want to!