St. Thomas Boat Dealer

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is located in Turkey Point which is an hour long drive away from the city of St Thomas. You need to head north on Balaclava Street which goes towards the Talbot Street. Get on to the Talbot Street and continue on to ON – 3 E. Turn right so you are on Quaker Road and continue on to John Wise Line. Get on to Calton Lane and stay on it for the next 22 kilometers. Continue on to Simcoe Road and continue for the next 15 kilometers. When you see signs for Long Point, get on to Norfolk County Highway number 59 and turn left so you are on Norfolk Highway number 24. Stay on it for the next 15 kilometers and turn right on to the Turkey Point Road. You can now easily make it to the marina.

It is a great idea to buy a used boat from our dealership because we are one of the most well reputated dealerships in the business. A used boat can help you save thousands of dollars but if you purchase it from a dealership which does not really have a reputation, you are at a risk of being a victim of fraud. MacDonald Turkey Point Marina has no intention of fooling you. We work hard to maintain our boat inventory and keep it updated. We do this to ensure that we have the best used boats and can easily meet the needs of majority of our customers.

As the largest freshwater marine in Canada, we have stayed in business for a period of 25 years and none of the competing companies have been able to beat us. The reason for this is that we are the best in the business and have the most customer centric attitude you will ever see. From the point of you entering our dealership to the point you leave, we support you and help you in making the right choice.

The owner of this dealership, Danny MacDonald, is someone who has been driving boats for a long, long time. He has experience of driving thousands of boats in his career and has a very deep knowledge on the subject. He will help you look for certain features in the boat of your choice and make suggestions wherever needed. He also takes all his customers on a test drive and demonstrates the boat's various capabilities so no one feels cheated.

Do you wish you could view our boat inventory without having to drive all the way from St Thomas? If yes, then you can now go to our official website and view our online boat inventory before you come here. This will make things so much more convenient for you as you will now have instant access to our wide selection of boats. You can also order a used boat online if you want.

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