Oakville Boat Dealer

To get to MacDonald Turkey Point Marina from Oakville, you need to drive for an hour and a half through a route which has tolls. The route requires you to use the Express Toll Route. Get on the Express Toll Route and stay on it for the next 20 kilometers. Merge on to ON – 403 W and continue for the next 20 kilometers. Now, take the ON – 6 S exit which goes towards Caledonia. Stay on ON – 6 S for the next 50 kilometers or so and make turns so you are always on this route. Continue on to St John's Road and stay on it for the next 12 kilometers. Turn so you are on Norfolk County Highway number 24 and then turn left on to the Turkey Point Road. You are now in Turkey Point and a little bit of asking around will get you to our marina.

The primary advantage of purchasing a used boat is that it saves you thousands of dollars which you otherwise would have spent on a brand new model. Also, if a new boat is purchased from a legitimate and well reputed dealership, chances are your used boat will perform almost as well, if not better, as a brand new one. This is why you should choose us.

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina has been in business for as long as 25 years and has only earned success in its lifetime. This is because we, at the marina, work hard to go an extra mile for our customer. We have an updated inventory and we are checking for missing models and fixing the miss so we can satisfy as many customers as possible. The chances of not finding a particular model of used boat are very low and our customers love us for this. We are ready to import boats from all over the world. In fact, much of our selection is imported from various parts of North America.

We also offer a variety of other services apart from selling used boats to our customers. After you have purchased a used boat from our establishment, you can avail for numerous services for your new vehicle. These include dockage, storage, transportation, and regular servicing of your boat. We also offer parts for all our used boats so in case a mishap ends up requiring ou a replacement, you can have it from us. We also sell accessories for various boat models. In short, your buying experience only gets better with time when you choose us.

It is recommended that you definitely check out our online boat inventory so you can know about the various models we have without having to physically reach out to us. You can also purchase a boat without leaving your home! The route from Oakville to Turkey Point can be quite long and if you don't want to drive so much, you can simply order a used boat online!

Our online inventory can be found by clicking here!