Windsor Ontario Boat Dealer

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is one of the most widely used marinas in Canada. Located in Turkey Point, Ontario, it is the largest fresh water marina in the country. If you live in Windsor, Ontario, it will be a 3 hour drive for you to get here. The way is relatively easy with no toll booths awaiting you in your path. From Windsor, take Highway 3B and continue on Dougall Avenue. Keep following ON – 401 E to Union Road and take exit number 164. After that, take John West Line and get on Calton Lane. After that, take the Norfolk County Highway number 59 and turn left on to Norfolk County Highway Number. Turn right on to Turkey Point Road and you will reach your destination. The best part about MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is probably that it is such a popular place and if you cannot find your way, you can always ask people around you.

When you have reached the marina, you would be greeted by the friendly staff of MacDonald Turkey Point. You will be introduced to a whole range of used boats. From the smallest of fishing boats to the largest and grandest of yachts – there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a selection which can serve the needs of each client, this is where you stop looking.

At MacDonald Turkey Point Marina, you will find the best inventory. The boats are imported from all over North America so the chance of not finding what you need is quite slim. In the rare case that you are not able to find a model you really want, the staff will be more than happy to update their inventory and import what you need, if feasible.

Some people might not like the idea of investing in a used boat but it is actually quite a smart idea. You can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a used boat instead of going for a brand new one and also get quite a well performing model for yourself. If you are worried about the quality of the used boat being shown to you, you can keep your stress far, far away as Danny MacDonald, the dockage owner himself, will come with you on a test drive. He will explain to you what the used boat is good for and let you try many of its features. You will be given a long time to try it out and also ask as many questions as necessary.

After you have purchased a boat for yourself, the services do not stop. In fact, you get many more services such as servicing, dockage, storage, transportation, parts, accessories and many more. You can simply ask for a particular service and most probably, it will be available.

Before you drive all the way from Windsor, make sure you check the boat inventory out online first and order a used boat.