St. Catharines Boat Dealer

For anyone who wants to come down to MacDonald Turkey Point Marina from St. Catherines, the path is not the most difficult one. In fact, it is quite straightforward. The drive will take you a little over one and a half hour to make it to your destination. The route will pass through Talbot Street E. First, you need to get on ON – 406 N from James Street and Regional Road 77. After this, take the Queen Elizabeth Way to Park Road South in Grimsby. Continue on this road to Smithville and turn right on to West Street. Take Smithville road and go towards Talbot Street E. continue going on Talbot Street E and turn for Norfolk County. Get on the Norfolk County Highway number 24 and turn on to Turkey Point Road which will take you to your destination.

It is a great idea to invest in a used boat instead of purchasing a brand new one. This is because a used boat, when purchased from a good dealership, will offer you very similar level of performance as a new one and also help you save thousands of dollars. Who would not want to save their money? This is why you should choose MacDonald Turkey Point Marina if you want to invest in a used boat. Our selection of used boats can be trusted easily, thanks to our reputation as a marina as well as our performance.

We have been in business for 25 years and have only grown to become the largest freshwater marina in the country. Over these years, several competitors have appeared but we have maintained our stance. We keep our inventory updated so no customer who comes to us leaves dissatisfied. We offer some pretty amazing models at subsidized and pocket friendly prices which is why our customers love us so much.

Our inventory consists of boats which we have imported from all over North America. It is very uncommon for you to not find a boat which suits your needs when you check out our inventory. We also import from other places in the world if need arises and for this very reason, we have also been able to sell our boats to far off customers. Our customers have been located as far as Kuwait!

We offer many other services to our customers such as dockage, transportation, storage, servicing, and accessories. If you ask for any other service for your boat, we will definitely make it available!

The drive from St. Catherines can be a little long and if you don't want to make it just to view our boat inventory, you can view our online boat inventory before coming here. This will give you a general and basic idea of the different boats we have and will aid in your decision making process. It is also possible to order a used boat online which you can easily do from our official website. A happy buying journey to you!

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