Brantford Boat Dealer

MacDonald Turkey Point is located in Turkey Point and for Brantford dwellers, it is just an hour long drive. You can easily make it to the destination through the route which goes through Brantford Road as there is hardly ever any traffic. Get on the Brantford Road and follow the directions to Delhi. Continue on this road and turn left for Church Street E. Get on to the Fertilizer Road and turn so you are on Turkey Point Road. Drive along and you will be at your destination.

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is the largest freshwater marina in Canada and has been in business for a long period of 25 years. Several new businesses have come up but despite the growing competition, we have remained untouched. This is because of how we serve our customers and take care of their needs. Here are some reasons why you should have full confidence when purchasing from our dealership.

  • We have the best selection of used boats
    • Our boat inventory is one of the best because of how we keep it updated.
    • We add new boats every time and ensure that everything is up to date. This is because we want to serve as many customers as we can.
    • It is rare for any customer to not find a boat that does not satisfy their needs. We ensure that every customer leaves our establishment happy.
  • We offer many other services as well
    • MacDonald Turkey Point Marina is not just a place where you can buy a used boat, it is also a place where you can find many other services for your purchase.
    • We offer several services for your boats such as transportation, storage, dockage, and servicing.
    • We also offer various parts which you find useful for your vehicle.
    • Since our services extend beyond usual purchases, we have only grown in the books of our customers.
  • Our approach to things revolves around the customer
    • As soon as you reach our establishment, you are greeted by our sales staff who then proceed to match a boat to your requirements.
    • After you have successfully found a boat which satisfies your needs, you are then taken on a test drive by the dealership owner personally.
    • Danny MacDonald, the dealership owner, has a long career in boats and has driven thousands of boats. He knows everything about boats and shows you your preferred boat's features so you can decide if you want to invest in it.

Even though it takes just an hour to get to Turkey Point from Brantford, it is highly recommended that you view our online boat inventory before coming here. This will not only help you in managing your time and decisions better but our sales staff as well because you will be able to choose certain models a lot more easily.

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