Clean Marine Certification

MacDonald Turkey Point Marina Inc. is five diamond anchor rated under the Clean Marine Program - the environmental program for marinas and marine businesses.

From the Boating Ontario website:

Ontario's Clean marine Eco-Rating Program - Protecting Ontario's Waterways for Over 20 Years

The Ontario-developed Clean Marine Eco-Rating Program is an environmental program that allows marine businesses to follow best environmental practices to reduce and prevent water, air and land pollution associated with recreational boating activities in Ontario.

Since the program's inception in 1995, over 300 businesses have participated, easily making the program the most successful and widely adopted.  It is the world's leading "Best Management Practices" program for marinas, boat dealers, yacht clubs and marine businesses.

Marinas voluntarily join to participate in a 200-point assessment.  Scores from the assessment are converted into an Eco-Rating system from one to five Green Anchors, with Gold, Diamond and Platinum as the highest achievements.  Re-assessments are mandatory every four years with self-assessments conducted annually.

Clean Marine Program Eco-Rated Marinas proudly fly the Clean Marine environmental flag.  As a boater, this is your assurance that the marina has adopted the highest environmental standards for marinas in the world.

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Whether you take to the water by power, sail or paddle, the pleasure we all derive from boating is based on our enjoyment of the pristine waters and scenic shorelines.

Boating Ontario member marinas enroll in the Clean Marine Program to ensure that their marinas are following environmentally sound practices that cover all aspects of marine operations from fueling to waste oil, shrinkwrap and paper recycling, energy, water conservation and more for the protection of our our waterways for all to enjoy today and for future generations.  

How Can I Make a Difference?

You may be just one boater, but collectively we can all make a difference. Start by choosing an Eco-Rated Clean Marina for your homeport. When cruising Ontario’s waterways or when searching for services ashore, look for the Clean Marine flag.  

Just as Clean Marine member marinas have committed themselves to following the best environmental practices, you can too. Look for products with Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice logo to use around your boat. Products bearing the symbol with three doves intertwined to form a maple leaf are products that have been produced in a more environmentally responsible manner and their use leaves the least impact on the environment.

Are Others Involved?

The Ontario Marine Operators Association is part of a much larger group numbering over twenty eight entities called the Clean Marine partnership.

These partners consist of marine industry professionals, boaters and anglers associations (representing 1 million boaters) dedicated to leaving Ontario's waters in better shape that we inherited them. Future generations are counting on us to be successful.

The Clean Marine Partners are:

  • and boats&places magazine
  • Boat Guide and Boating Business Magazines
  • Boating Industry Canada 
  • Canadian Power and Sail Squadron
  • FOCA
  • GE Commercial Finance
  • Georgian College
  • GreenLeaf Environmental Communications
  • Natural Marine / Head-O-Matic
  • NMMA Canada
  • Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
  • Ontario Marine Operators Association
  • Ontario Ministry of the Environment
  • Ontario Sailing Association
  • Power Boating Canada Magazine

Eco Rated Marinas

These marinas have adopted Environmental Best Practices as a policy and way of doing business, giving you the opportunity to choose the certified, most environmentally responsible homeport for your boat.  Also, if you're cruising in unfamiliar waters, the Eco-Rating flag lets you choose a destination marina knowing they are doing all they can to preserve our lakes and rivers.