What Is Pottahawk?

Pottahawk Point is a popular remote Lake Erie boating destination south-east of Turkey Point, Ontario. It is only accessible by boat.

"Pottahawk Pissup"

While the "Pottahawk Pissup" event occurs on the second Sunday of every July, the point is filled with boaters every weekend in the summer months. Great weather on Labour Day weekend has a history of bringing more boaters to the point than Pottahawk Pissup.

Pottahawk Pissup is an unorganized event. Although some claim to influence it, own it or to have created it, it is a community event, ran by no one. The MacDonald Turkey Point Marina sends, launches and fuels more boats than anyone else, to Pottahawk.

For boat and Sea-Doo rentals, contact Waveline. For transient boat slips, camp sites (RV and tent) and any other questions, call the marina at: 519-426-6795.

Pottahawk Point