Thieves Caught Stealing From Turkey Point Marina – OPP Refuses To Do Paperwork

For immediate release: June 13, 2018.

At 7:18 pm on Tuesday, the OPP were dispatched to the MacDonald Turkey Point Marina, a privately-owned marina, where marina tenants reported four jet skiers stealing lifejackets within the marina.

At 7:55 pm, police arrived at the scene and were pointed to the location of the thieves within the private marina.

After the police confronted the thieves, marina manager Brad Thomson learned the three OPP cruisers refused to charge them as the contents look "open to public."

Additionally, the individuals told police they were planning to return and leave money for what they were taking. Initially, they said $10 and later changed the amount to $25.

"I don't know, but they frustrate me too" was owner Danny MacDonald's (a former York Regional Police officer) response to the situation when asked Tuesday night. His staff recently called the OPP to a trespassing incident where a former convict, who was previously banned from entering the private marina, was reported entering the property on June 2nd. The local OPP sergeant refused to document the incident and write up the individual for trespassing as they likely didn't want to do the paper work. Eyewitnesses say the same group of people were involved in a fistfight in the Turkey Point Hotel parking lot later that night.

"Who knows how long they've been stealing and who else they stole from today" was the reaction of the victim after marina staff informed him of the incident. "We have had safety gear, tools, batteries and even gas stolen over the past 20 years here as a tenant. You usually never catch them. There's no justice."

"Where do you draw the line? This is far from the first time police have waved charges, nor is it the most urgent incident, but they crossed a tipping point after several years of this. We have to put our foot down and start calling out those responsible." a marina spokesperson said.

"Did the contents belong to you? No? Okay then that's theft" an observer said.

Theft has been a rising issue in the area. Just a couple months ago a marina employee had their car stolen from the property. The car was later recovered in London, Ontario.

Pictured is the driver of one jet ski that entered the marina Tuesday.

5 Responses

  1. Absolutely and completely unacceptable. Not charging for trespassing and stealing yet no problem with charging for petty little things like really.
  2. If the police are not going to do there job. Do we the public have to take care of things like this on our own?
  3. Amazing how hard it is to get the police to do there job
  4. This just doesn't seem right.. how, if there are witnesses , does this just happen? I pay for my boat in a slip that I'm required to have insurance for.. (in Dover)I pay for all amenities PLUS the security of having my boat behind a locked gate under surveillance.. wth is the point of going to this extreme for a boat if our local police/OPP do not follow up on their end with the proper protection and service they should be providing to the community? Doesnt make a person feel safe thats for sure!!
  5. We pay our taxes for what we believe would be of fair services given in return. Not at all, I have lost respect for Law Enforcement in this province. It is nothing but corrupt, leave a box of doughnuts out, will the Police steal those. That is what they are already doing is stealing from the tax payers.

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