Fire At The Marina

The marina will be fully open on bass opening on Saturday as per usual.

The only reported accident that we know of is burns from a female that was in the boat, but successfully evacuated the boat before it was pushed away from the gas bar to avoid further explosions. She went to Hamilton to be treated with second degree burns.

It's important to note that the boat was finished fuelling. We follow a very strict standard set of rules and regulations here at the gas bar. We require all passengers to get off the boat while fuelling, for example. The fuelling procedure was complete, and they were on their boat, attempting to start the engine. It's important to run your blower for several minutes before leaving. Most, if not all, of our experiences at the gas bar occur after the boat has fuelled up, and not during.

We had the boat removed from the water as soon as viably possible, pictured below. There are rumours around that the fire marshall didn't want the boat to be taken out, but rather have it sit in the water. We've footed the bill for these kinds of disasters before, so we know exactly what we are up against and what it's going to cost us. The police were first of the emergency response crews to respond and we'd like to thank them for that. Most of the boat was burned before fire trucks were on scene. The ambulance showed up swiftly to treat those injured.

We feel we took swift action, as did our customers on C-row did to minimize all possible damage. Thanks again to those involved in removing the 38 foot neighbouring Sea-Ray from the scene. We've seen fires in the past where the fire will hop from boat to boat and take them all out. Danny, owner, remembers fighting fires at Booth's Harbour's boathouses with an excavator in his younger years, to keep the fire from spreading.

Events like this at the gas bar costs the marina tens of thousands of dollars. We feel we took appropriate action given the circumstances and took all necessary measures to minimize damage.

Update 4 PM Saturday: 

We have a plan in place when these kinds of events go down. Everything was textbook. Tenants were excellent help as usual. Organization and teamwork made everything run smoothly during the course of this procedure.

Business was regular again this morning at 5 AM.

A lot of the media have it all wrong. We talked to CTV today and set their story straight. The boat was untied. On our security surveillance footage, it looked as if it blew up when key was turned.

Our thoughts are with the lady in hospital.

As of now, the boat is gone, the boom is out of the water, and other than the partially burned dock, you wouldn't be able to tell that a big fire had occurred here at the marina.

Also, big thanks to our customers on both C-row and Abigail. C-row did a great job with moving the 38 foot Sundancer away from the first. Abigail did a great job treating the lady off the boat, awaiting EMS. Special thanks to Serg and Fred Smith, among the customers on both rows.

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boat fire start boat-fire-from-lake

boat fire spill gas channel

boat being removed from channel by excavator.

danny macdonald's photo of fire

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